To approve or reject your artwork please select an option below:

To Confirm your approval, select ‘Approve.’ No further changes may be made.

Select ‘Reject‘ to re-supupply a new file or leave a comment.

Please Read:

  1. It is the clients responsibility to ensure that the proof is correct in all areas. Please be sure to double-check the artwork version, spelling, grammar, contact information, layout and design before approving artwork.
  2. If a proof containing errors is approved by the client, the client is responsible for payment of all origination costs, reprint and any corrections as required.
  3. The client is 100% responsible for approvals of copyright images, trademarks and licensing agreements of artwork.
  4. All artwork must be approved / digitally signed by the client prior to artwork release and/or the order is progressed to production.
  5. By approving the artwork, I acknowledge my approval of the applicable artwork and have checked the artwork thoroughly for any errors and release Equator Print from any liability.
  6. Please Note: Once the artwork has been approved, the order will be sent for production. No further changes may be made.

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