Month: September 2018

What is GSM_Equator Print_London

What is GSM and how to determine the difference in the thickness of paper? The weight of a paper stock is known as GSM. The abbreviation in the design and print industry refers to ‘Grams per Square Metre’ and identifies the measured weight of paper. The higher the weight of material, the percieved improved paper quality and feel. Equator Print Leicester and London use the highest quality paper and card substrates to ensure that our clients and customers are highly satisfied with their finished articles. If you are ensure what thickness or type of paper or card to use in your marketing or advertising campaignRead More →

Logo & Clothing Labels

Equator Print have worked with sportswear brand Wobuk to develop a unique logo and clothing labels for its new women’s clothing and sportswear range.Read More →

Bark Brochure Design London

With a wealth of knowledge and experience our print specialists are experts in graphic design and print production. Our hard work allows us to communicate your product or company to your audience in a fresh and memorable way. Our team consists of qualified and industry experienced design, print and multimedia professionals and work within a wide range of creative design and publishing diciplines including, advertising, marketing, publishing and packaging.Read More →